Q. How do I get my boat on the water? How do I get stickers for my vehicles?
A. To get stickers for any boats, pontoons, jetskis, golf carts, UTVs or ATVs you can find the registration form here.
A signup link will be sent for watercraft to be put in the water after you receive your sticker

Q. How do I pay my dues/fines/stickers/special assessments?
A. Our association has partnered with Ark Financial to handle payments. Contact information can be found under the financial/billing tab of the website.

Q. How do I get through the gate?

A. Follow the process found in the Gate Operations Page.

Q. How do I get access to the boat gas pumps?
A. The pumps are run by Whitehead Oil. You must get a keyfob from them. Download the Whitehead Oil Form and follow the instructions.

Q. Who do I get a hold of ? to service...?
A. Check out the contact list found in the Emergency/Utilities Contacts. If what you are looking for isn't found there then try the Contact Us Form.

Q. Is our drinking water safe?
A. This system is a community water system governed by the State of Nebraska Health Department. Testing is done by PeopleService and includes as many as 3,000 different things over a one year period (as explained in this email). The latest test results can be found here.